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Chemical Soft-Wash

We clean delicate materials with carefully selected techniques and cleaning solutions.


Based in Colchester, The Jet Cleaning Company are proud to offer our Chemical Soft Wash Treatment service to home and business owners throughout Essex and Suffolk.

What is soft washing?


Soft washing is a low-pressure cleaning technique that is used for removing the likes of moss, algae, and lichen from potentially fragile surfaces. Surfaces that may be damaged when using high-pressure cleaning equipment. Soft washing techniques are also used to boost the results in

many other services.


We use specially formulated chemicals and a controlled application process. First, we apply the cleaning solution. Agitation of the surface is sometimes beneficial; we can use a soft brush if needed. We then allow ample dwell time, it’s important the chemical has enough time to react with the organic matter. The area is then rinsed thoroughly and inspected for any imperfections.


Our measured approach ensures the work is completed without any harm to grass, plants, or bushes in the near vicinity.

We offer our soft wash treatment service with a minimum charge of £120. We will need access to a water source, an outside tap is ideal.

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