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Exterior Surface Pressure Washing

Bring your surfaces back to life. From brickwork to garden furniture, we have you covered.


Our professional Exterior Surface Pressure Washing service is available to residential and commercial customers throughout Essex and Suffolk.


At The Jet Cleaning Company, our industrial grade pressure washing equipment has been chosen to provide optimum results in the most efficient manner. Here are some examples of surfaces we can clean and restore. If your surface isn’t there, give us a call, we can probably

clean that too:


- Driveways

- Patios

- Decking

- Brickwork

- Garden Furniture

- Stone Walls

- Concrete

- Sports Courts

- Playgrounds

- Fencing

People often believe pressure washing is a simple job that can be done by anyone. But if you want professional results without damaging your property, you’ll need to employ a specialist exterior cleaning company.







We have studied the science behind dirt and stain removal on exterior surfaces. And we know, in this industry, every job is unique. It certainly isn’t one size fits all.


Our team analyses the type of surface and staining, taking note of any areas that will require special attention. In most cases, our state-of-the-art pressure washing unit can deliver pressurised water at the perfect force and flow rate

for instant results.

We offer our surface cleaning services with a minimum charge of £120. We will need access to a water source, an outside tap is ideal.

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