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Patio Cleaning

Be proud of your garden again! Keep your patio clean and your guests happy.


Does your patio look dull and dirty? Our highly rated Patio Cleaning service takes advantage of our vast pressure washing and soft washing experience. Covering villages and towns throughout Essex and Suffolk, this is the perfect service to add real value to your home or business.


We will leave your patio restored and look brand new again. We can clean all types of patios; from Indian Sandstone or Concrete Flagstones to Imprinted Concrete or Crazy Paving.

Our industrial-strength pressure washing equipment and rotary surface cleaner enable us to clean your patio in less than half the time it would take with a domestic pressure washer. Plus, the strong but adjustable power of our machines means the results are far superior whilst keeping the property materials safe. If needed, we can then use our trusted soft washing cleaning solutions to finish the job and remove any stubborn stains or blemishes.


The majority of our customers like their patio looking its best all year round, in these cases we recommend our six- or twelve-month maintenance cleaning plan. This is the best way to keep unsightly weeds, dirt, moss, algae, and lichen at bay.

If you have any questions about our Patio Cleaning service, please feel free to “contact us”.

The Dreaded Blackspot! – Once lichen takes hold it usually appears as black or white spots on the surface of the material. It favors the damp conditions that tend to prevail in the UK. If your driveway is suffering from this lichen growth, we can usually help.

In most cases, even the strongest commercial grade pressure washers can’t remove the lichen. But we are confident that the worst of this growth can be removed using our soft washing cleaning techniques. We can use specially formulated chemicals to break down the spots, without harming any grass, plants, or bushes in the near vicinity.

We offer our patio cleaning service with a minimum charge of £120. We will need access to a water source, an outside tap is ideal.

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