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Driveway Cleaning & Re-Sanding

Kerb appeal? Completed it. Add value to your property with our most popular service.


The Jet Cleaning Company is proud to offer our Driveway Cleaning service to home and business owners throughout

Essex and Suffolk.


Upgrade your home or attract business opportunities by transforming the most public-facing area of your property. We promise to leave your driveway looking revitalised, in most cases, we will have it looking brand new again. We can clean all types of driveways; from Block Paving or Resin Bound to Imprinted Concrete or Tarmac.


Our modern pressure washing unit and rotary surface cleaner enable us to clean your driveway in the most efficient and effective manner. The power of our machines ensures the results are superior to anything that can be achieved with a domestic pressure washer. We can cut through unsightly weeds, dirt, moss, and algae whilst using our experience to minimise the chance of damage to delicate materials.


If you have any questions about our Driveway Cleaning service, please feel free to “contact us”.


Did you know?


Block paved and brick driveways will need to be re-sanded after the cleaning process. Once the area is fully dry, we brush kiln-dried paving sand into the gaps between each block. It is important that this is completed as it reduces the risk of blocks moving individually. Prolonging the life and condition

of your driveway.


Depending on the position and orientation of the driveway we can recommend our six- or twelve-month maintenance cleaning plan. This is the best way to keep those pesky weeds, moss, algae, and lichen at bay.

“The Dreaded Blackspot!” – Once lichen takes hold it usually appears as black or white spots on the surface of the material. It favors the damp conditions that tend to prevail in the UK. If your driveway is suffering from this lichen growth, we can usually help.


In most cases, even the strongest commercial grade pressure washers can’t remove the lichen. But we are confident that the worst of this growth can be removed using our soft washing cleaning techniques. We can use specially formulated chemicals to break down the spots, without harming any grass, plants, or bushes in the near vicinity.

We offer our driveway cleaning service with a minimum charge of £120. We will need access to a water source, an outside tap is ideal.

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